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Predator and Prey

7 Sep
Where we are living in limbo, we get to see an abundance of rabbits, prairie dogs, and squirrels dashing around here and there.  Recently, I noted a couple hawks hanging around.  I was finally able to catch one with my camera, and one of the prey he was scoping out.
I believe this is a Swainson’s Hawk
This tree where the hawk was perched is a mere ten yards from where this rabbit sat still.   I was only standing about ten feet from the rabbit, and my presence finally deterred the hawk in his hunt.  (I was not intentionally disturbing his hunt- lol- I was just so thrilled to get as close as I did to him without him flying away.)
A desert cottontail, I believe

A God-blessed Life

His blessings abound, no matter where He sends us.