Words of Wisdom

5 Sep
Words of wisdom…  Everybody has some these days, right?  We see snippets, quotes, blurbs, verses, lyrics, etc plastered on our Facebook walls, on Pinterest, and shared via Twitter.
What’s the big deal?  Why do we cling to words of wisdom from others?  Why do we store away advice given sometimes, and completely dismiss it other times?  Where do we seek our advice?  Why do we seek advice from those people or sources?
Have you ever wondered?
I am always seeking advice from others.  Partly due to my own insecurities, I seek advice regarding issues that I feel I do not know enough about to do well on my own.  This means I ask for advice A LOT!  Oh, yes…  (Though its typically via FB because I have developed a love-hate relationship with my phone… LOL)   Anyway, today’s challenge for Blogtember is to share some advice or words of wisdom that I have been given that has actually been useful and that I still follow today.
When I think about all the advice I have been given over the years, both asked for and unasked for, I have a whole lot to choose from.  However, there was some advice, not given to me directly, but given by way of lyrics in a song.  I heard it for the first time in high school.  Back when my faith was an easy thing.  Reading the Bible was easy cause I had so little else that I was responsible for.  I had all the time in the world.  Being a “good” Christian was easy because I was too afraid of being “bad.”  Still, as I was staring my future as an adult in the face, preparing to put my school days behind me, this song stuck out to me, became a mantra when peer pressure sought to overwhelm me, and carried me through when I could not seem to call my favorite Bible verses to mind.
The song is called “Dare To Be Different” by a Christian group called DeGarmo and Key.  The entire song is beautifully written, but while I cannot remember the lyrics from the entire song, I can remember the chorus:

 We dare to be different,  Dare to be called strange, Dare to be different, and the Cross you wear should mean you’ve truly changed.

I have lived that chorus.  I strive to keep living that chorus.  Just because I am a member of this world, does not mean I have to be caught up in the pressures of the world.  Striving to be different, to be Christlike, to be a better person, I think I have been more aware of glitches in mainstream thinking that others just accept.  I think striving to be different has helped me stay motivated in my faith…. cause when all else fails, that chorus starts playing in my mind, even though I have not heard to song in years… 
What words of wisdom or advice have you been given that you have kept in mind in your life?
This post has been part of the Blogtember Challenge started by Jenni.
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