Where I Come From

3 Sep

The title above reminded me of the following song.  Listen close to the lyrics… 

I come from a small town in Ohio.  From there I moved to a small town in Florida.  Big cities scare me.  I don’t like the crush of people.  I don’t like the city rush, the city mentality of doing whatever it takes to get ahead.
I come from a small town.  I have missed living in a small town, but now that I am getting older, even a small town is too big.  I loved being able to at least recognize every person I ran into.  I loved watching high school sports, even as a private school student, and know each player’s name, each cheerleader cheering her heart out for the small town team.  I loved passing people in the road and they all wave, cause if they don’t know you personally, you might need each other down the road.  I loved the small town churches where you knew every member of the congregation by name, where Jesus might be taken for granted, but we all knew His name.
I come from a small town.  I love small town courtesy- you take care of each other- even if it means you get zip in return.I love big trucks, baseball caps, cowboy hats, boots and jeans, wildlife grazing on the sides of the roads, the smell of fresh turned dirt, the smell of cows and horses and chickens.  Special to my home of 11+ years was the smell of the paper mill and chemical plant, and the smoke and steam from the stacks that towered over everything and could be seen from miles away.  Unique to my hometown was the sunrises or sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, the smell of the salt water and all it washed up on the beaches, the captivating beauty of the dolphins playing just past the waves.
I come from a small town.  Even though that particular small town is no longer home to me- I have changed too much to ever go back for more than a visit- my heart longs for the small town atmosphere.  My heart cries out to know my community.  My soul longs to leave city lights and trade them in for stars and moonlight.  I anxiously await the day I can open my house windows and hear birds, trees, breezes, and children playing without the sounds of city life- traffic, horns, sirens, etc.  I can hardly wait to smell dirt, farmland, grass, rain on soil, and livestock.
Yeah… I come from a small town.  Its not for everyone that’s for sure.  But for this chick- its as big a place as I ever want to be ever again.
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One Response to “Where I Come From”

  1. Janelle Vannice 3 September 2013 at 6:35 AM #

    Loved reading this! I can't wait to write my own this evening 🙂 Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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