Traveling, Talking, and Toad Catching

1 Sep

Just a short post…

This Holiday Weekend, I am visiting with an old friend.  We have not seen each other in almost nine years before this weekend, and when we went our separate ways, we departed ways not on the best of terms.   Over time, we reopened the doors of communication, apologized to each other, and forgave each other.  As our lives changed, we have been led back to each other, and are finding ourselves picking up as though we had never been apart.  Not to get too deeply into that- let’s suffice it to say that she and I are both very different women now, and the Lord has clearly been moving in both our lives in ways neither of us could have imagined.

Now… to the travels:  We drove from Denver to Grand Junction along I-70.  A new route to me, I could not help but wish DH was with me so I could have snapped a hundred pictures along the way.  The Kiddo was snapping away behind me, but I haven’t seen them yet, so I am not sure how they turned out…  I hope to share a post of his pics later in the week.  🙂  Anyway, Colorado is breathtakingly beautiful!  I was choked up numerous times viewing His handiwork and design.

And on to talks:  From the moment my friend got out of her car, I knew all my nerves and worries were for naught.  I forgot how easy it is to talk to her.  Conversations about life, military, family, friends, GOD, the changes in our lives, the ups and downs, and we found ourselves talking well into the night and reluctant to stop.  I am going back today to soak up more time before heading back home. 

AND then toad catching:  Ahhhhh… country living!  The Kiddo is having a blast playing with my friend’s children.  They spent hours playing in some dirt piles, all of them coming in for dinner covered in dust and grit and grins stretching across their gorgeous faces!  (And the Kiddo was worried he would be bored… LOL)  After dinner, the Kiddo experienced after more fun as he and some of the others wandered around and caught toads.  (I hope I can snag a pic from my friend to share with y’all).  Big and small at least half a dozen toads ended up in a bucket for a while before they were let loose again.  The contentment and joy on my Kiddo’s face pinched my heart— I am so ready for country living…  So ready.  🙂

So much for that short post… LOL  Forgive me.   I hope I can share more of the amazing weekend with you later this week. 

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