Chats On the Farmhouse Porch

28 Aug

I saw this link-up on one of my favorite blogs, Homespun Simplicity, and decided to join up! 

Everyday Ruralty Do you remember your first day of school?
I do remember my first day of school- the first day of K, my first day at every new school, my first day of every new grade.  School was the central focus of my life.  I loved school.  Namely, I loved the smell of the school books.  I loved opening up a new-to-me subject book to see the name of the student who had the book the year prior- I felt a strange sense of connection with that student, and would flip through the book looking for telltale signs that the prior student had left their mark in it.   I loved shopping for new school supplies.  I loved the brand new box of unused crayons, which I carefully guarded  from others, and made sure were in correct order before putting them away when I was finished with them.  I loved soaking up whatever the teacher decided to share with us.  I only had one teacher, the entire time I was in school- to include college- that I did not like or respect.  Not bad considering…

  SO back to the question… LOL  

I guess I should tell you about the first day of school  I remember the best.  My first day of ninth grade- a transition from public school to a private school- a transition from a class of over a hundred to a class of under ten.  I remember the kids of all ages rushing through the halls.  I remember how ALL the teachers smiled and hugged and greeted their students and seemed genuinely happy to have each one in their class.  I remember getting my new books and realizing they were mine to keep, so I could highlight to my heart’s content and finally really use those beautiful highlighters waiting in my bag.  I remember how shy I was after years of bullying in elementary school and awkward transitioning in middle school.  I remember how lovely my classmates were, how kind they were, how eager they were to know me.  I remember meeting the girl who became one of my best friends- someone I still treasure all these years later (and I am not sure I have let her know that— shame on me.)  I do remember that first day as one of the best first days of my school career.
Do you decorate for the different seasons? If so, have you decorated for fall yet?
I love to decorate for the seasons and for major holidays.  I grew up helping my Mom decorate for Christmas and Easter, and helped her change out a few items around the house for particular events.  However, since being married, and getting to spend quality time with my amazing MIL, I have really hoped to start emulating her decorating habits.  The woman goes all out!  And she has such amazing taste and ability to coordinate.  I love it!  However, being in the military lifestyle, I have to be careful how much “stuff” I accumulate as we are limited on how much can be moved from place to place.  Still, I content myself with placemats and tablecloths for now.  Someday, I hope I can really decorate for seasons, especially the Fall, because it is my all-time favorite season!

What food do you associate with fall?
Pumpkins, apples, spices, lots of pork! Then of course, there is turkey…  🙂

Do you order books online, buy books in a bookstore, download books to a device, or frequent the library? If not interested in books, how do you get your music?
I get new books a combination of ways.  I am purchasing more ebooks via now because of the ease of carrying my Kindle and having my “library” in my purse.  However, some books become like family.  I read them over and over and over.  Those books I still buy hard cover versions of so I can keep them and curl up with them next to the fire with a cup of cocoa.  Those I search everywhere for the best price.  I prefer to buy books used, if they are in good condition.  However, I have shopped online, in stores, even at yard sales.  I don’t really care where I get them, so long as I feel as I have found the book I want at a good price and in good condition.

When was the last time you realized that you had just been talking to someone really special?
This is a hard question to answer.  Recently I have spoken with old friends, family who I am rebuilding relationships with, my sister, and my daily conversations with my Kiddo or Hubby.  They are each really special in their own way because they mean so much to me. 

However, if the question is meant to inquire about someone special who is new to me, I would have to say it was with a dear lady I met at a group gathering very recently.  I was the newbie.  I am always self-conscious and out of place when I force myself to attend gatherings to meet new people.  However, again, because of military life, it is something I must do despite my hermit tendencies, because at some point, I am going to need those MilSpouses, or they might need me.  Anyway, I forced myself to walk up to the other ladies and introduce myself.  Most of the women were warm and welcoming, but they all clearly had already formed friendships and groups of their own. I still felt like an outsider looking in. 

Having enough of forcing myself into conversations, I sat down at the edge of the room to look through some brochures I had picked up.  Sitting next to me was this charming woman.  We spoke, simply small talk- generalities about the evening, the cool weather, the obvious fact that I was new.  LOL  The woman got up to leave, and as she got up, she complimented my skin.  (I am not good at taking compliments- never have, never will)  I smiled, trying to force myself to accept the compliment graciously– HOW DO YOU DO THAT???  I commented that I use coconut oil on my face instead of lotions and creams.  The lady sat right back down to hear more.  I expanded on my use of coconut oil and the changes I have seen in my skin (and hair).  She listened with disbelief, then looked at my graying hair and complimented it as well.  She told me I looked like I was 24, but the gray hair contradicted that appearance.  Again at a loss in how to respond, I laughed (uncomfortably) and told her my real age.  Of course, my age was still young to her, but her eyebrows raised just the same.  As she rose to walk away, she patted my hand and recomplimented me before walking away. 

Now… For someone who has a horrible time accepting compliments, her kind words, and the way she delivered them- almost shyly- touched me deeply.  I am not one who cares about fashion, or trends, or clothes in general.  Most days, I put my hair in a ponytail, grab my most comfy jeans, and t-shirt, and I am good to go.  No make-up.  No primping.  That is just not me.  However, when I do put a little more time in my appearance, because I KNOW how important that is to OTHER people, its nice to know I did it the right way.  LOL  That woman’s gentle compliments were very soothing to me as I felt so out of place.

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4 Responses to “Chats On the Farmhouse Porch”

  1. Christina Borden 1 September 2013 at 8:13 PM #

    Hi Suzanne! Thank you for stopping by. I prefer to be invisible. I have to really talk myself into anything that calls attention to myself- in public anyway. LOL On Facebook, Twitter, and here in blog-world- I love to be "seen and heard." 🙂 I hope to have you stop by again! Hope you have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!

  2. Christina Borden 1 September 2013 at 8:11 PM #

    Hi Lottie! Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day as well! I agree- I don't even know the sweet lady's name, but I do hope I can be as encouraging to someone somewhere like she was to me. 🙂

  3. Suzanne McClendon 31 August 2013 at 5:54 PM #

    It was very sweet that this lady complimented you so! I am not good at taking compliments, either. I'm better at being invisible. :)I went to a private school in seventh grade from a public school, and then back to public school for the eighth grade on. There's a world of difference between the two! The seventh grade was definitely a more "gentle" year…school was never so peaceful again.I ejoyed reading your post. Have a great weekend!

  4. Lottie 31 August 2013 at 4:20 PM #

    Christina, what wonderful answers! The quiet woman who complimented you sounds like a person to try to mirror! Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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