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26 Aug

A reader had sent me a message in response to my call for critiques in Flashback Friday: Revisiting the Beginning.

I had not gotten a ton of feedback, and I really do care what you, my readers, think of the blog, so I decided to play around with this particular suggestion.

What do y’all think?


post signature

Here is what I did. (There may be easier ways to create a signature, but I am barreling through this creative blogger stuff the best way I know how– through experimentation!)

I worked in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0. (My version is seriously outdated.. Newer versions may differ from what I share below.)

I clicked “edit“- mostly because every time I click “create” it tries to force me to choose what kind of project I want to do, and the options offered never fit what my goal is. LOL

Once the screen loads, I click “new” under “file.”

A white blank space should appear. That is your background. On the right hand side, just above the background layer are options to shade your area… I always spend a lot of time playing around in that area. 🙂 Once you pick out your background color, pattern, or shade, go to the text box on the left hand side.

After clicking on that, I marked out a text space on my “canvas” and started playing with fonts. I was not sure I wanted to use the same font I use as my default font (Homemade Apple), but after playing around with different fonts and colors, I decided to stick with it after all. Photoshop did not have Homemade Apple as one of its standard fonts, so I had to find it here– a free download- which I then was able to use.

Once I got my signature the way I wanted it, I scoured images. (Make sure there are no copyrights on the images you use.) I use free clip art or use images I have taken and edited myself (I do all my photo edits in Photoshop.) You do not have to use an image in your signature. I added it cuz I thought it added a unique quirk that matches my personality.

If you add an image to your signature block, flatten the image. Then “save as” a jpeg image. When you have your image saved, go into your online photo album and upload it there. I use Google+ Photos or Picasa, which connect directly to my blog. When the signature image has loaded, right click on the image. Click on “properties,” then highlight and copy the image url. Paste it immediately into the following code:

<img class=”left” alt=”post signature” src=”YOUR IMAGE URL“>

Then, assuming you are using Blogger, go to your work space. On left side, click on “settings.” Then click on “posts and comments.” In the “post template” box, paste the link from above with your image url. Be sure to save before leaving the settings page.

***Note*** Your new signature will only show up in your new posts. If you want it to show up in previous posts, you will have to put it there manually. (If there is a way to send it backwards to previous blogs, I have not discovered it yet.)

If you are using another blog site, please refer to your site help desk to learn where to insert your signature.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please let me know. I would be happy to try to help, or to talk you through it. I am also available to create a signature, image, or blog button for you for a minimal fee.

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As always, I am eager to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment sharing your thoughts or sharing your blog!

post signature

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