Random Reflection…

25 Aug

I know I have already shared how excited I am that we found a church where the Pastor speaks God’s Word in a way that lovingly compels us to face the truth about our faith, our actions, our sins, and the love of Christ, which is reflective of the love of God.

I know… I might be getting repetitive…

So rather than go into a lengthy discussion over this week’s sermon, which spoke of the witnesses of Jesus’ claims as the Son of God, I thought I would share just one of the points that Pastor made that caused me to look inward and question my priorities within my faith.  Very loosely, I have paraphrased that point in the picture below…   It may not make much sense to you out of context…  However, I hope it still causes you to think about your own faith, the tools we have been given to help our faith grow, and the source of our faith- Jesus.

Thanks for coming by and reading my random reflection on today’s sermon.  If you would like to read the entire sermon, I believe it will be posted here in a couple days. 

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