When Everything Seems To Go Wrong

24 Aug
As many of you know, I am a MilSpouse. I love my life as MilSpouse. I love being affiliated with the Armed Forces. I love my Veteran status- not for any recognition it might bring me, but because that was the very first job I had where I truly felt proud of what I was doing. I love supporting DH. I love the places the Military has sent us. I love PCSing. I love seeing new places, learning new things, meeting new people, and then moving on again.
Yeah, the moving, for me, is the best part of the Military life we live.
We have been so very blessed with all our previous Military moves in that we have never had any issues.
I have heard so many horror stories. Packers that didn’t show. TMO that failed miserably in scheduling. Being FORCED to do a DITY move. Damaged goods. Missing goods. Stolen goods. Kids revolting about a move. No available housing at the new base. No jobs at new base. Cars and trucks breaking down. Luggage lost. Pets lost. Homes don’t rent or don’t sell.   Etc.  Etc.   If you are a seasoned MilSpouse, you might have a tale or two to share as well.
With our previous moves, we had NONE of those problems. Our packers showed up on time, packed our stuff like they were packing museum pieces, and it all got where it was intended to go with minimal (if any) damage. We never had a problem finding housing- rental or purchase. We did not have issues with the Kiddo. We never had vehicle trouble, flight trouble, luggage, or pet trouble.
Then we got orders to PCS this year…
                                                      …and it has ALL seemed to go so wrong.

For every step we take forward, it feels like we are taking five steps back. We had two yard sales before moving. Both of them drew in way more money than we expected to make because we had heard horror stories of haggling yardsalers who tried to rob people blind.  However, in a thriving selling market, our house sat on the market for entirely too long before finally getting an acceptable offer and a subsequent contract. On one hand, we moved out of the old house and into our “in limbo” home (our camper) without a hitch. On the other, within a week of moving in, and during the worst heat at the time for that area, the camper a/c went out.  DH out-processed from his old unit with zero hiccups and we got on the road for our new destination eager and with no problems.  But then a couple hours out, a tire blew forcing us to dish out money we had not expected to and completely altered our travel plans while severely damaging the side of our camper. On one hand, we arrived safe and sound to a beautiful new area where the temperatures might hit the mid-90’s and the mountains call us from the near horizon. On the other hand, the camper experienced more issues that require immediate repair, and the place we are camping has only the barest of amenities while charging more and barely taking care of what few amenities there are.
You see- on one hand- this really has been the most difficult move we have made with the Military. One thing after another seems to go wrong, those things listed above are just a small sampling. There is SOOOO much more.  Still, on the other hand, DH and I see these struggles as His hand leading us to Him, forcing us to focus our eyes on Him. Of course, we are still struggling with frustration and worry. I bet that is why He is mixing the pot so well!  

Our prayer… a reminder to ourselves really is this:

“He turned His ear to [our cries throughout all our previous struggles, so we] will call on Him as long as [we] live.”

Have you also found yourself in the midst of a struggle, where you felt His hand distinctly in the mix?
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One Response to “When Everything Seems To Go Wrong”

  1. Anonymous 25 August 2013 at 8:48 AM #

    One PCS we got to our new base and discovered our entire shipment supposedly fell overboard, along with quite a few others. We lost everything but what we had in our suitcases. At the time getting reimbursed for household goods took an act of congress. But we were blessed to join a great new supportive base and found ourselves with all new (or gently used) clothing furniture and household goods. We ended up not having to spend a cent. You are right, though. In the middle of the chaos God certainly seemed absent. In hindsight it appears he had a plan. Sounds like your family is having a rough go of it so I will keep praying for you. Blessings to you.

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