101 Blessings

19 Aug

I got a message the other day from another blogger…

“Why did [I] choose the name [I] did [for this blog]?”

I look back over many of my posts. I have not always written from a happy-happy-joy-joy standpoint. For living a “God-blessed life,” my blog, my thoughts, my reactions to life are not always cheerful, encouraging, and uplifting. I know. THAT is exactly the point.

No matter how hard my life is… the name of this blog is reminder to me, every single day, to count my blessings. Even as I cope through writing, as I rant and vent and rave, I hope to show that:
1) being a Christian is not all sunshine and roses, butterflies and rainbows, and 2) despite the storms, there are things to be happy for, to thank God for, and to count as blessings.

A couple days ago, the Holy Spirit spoke. He laid my soul bare and convicted me, showing me I was missing something. As I re-evaluate my life, my journey, my prayers- everything– I realized- I am forgetting to count my blessings. So…

Here we go! Are you ready for this? LOL These are bring written off the cuff, I am winging it, because in the case of counting blessings, its almost like brainstorming- just let the thoughts flow. These blessings may not be in order of importance, they may lead me to think of others… So please bear with me. ((and if you like, join me in counting the blessings you have been given))

1. A perfect Savior/Loving Father
2. Love- one I cannot fathom, but can feel indescribably deep within my heart and soul!
3. Faith- that has carried me when hope was slipping
4. Hope
5. Hubby- he was well worth the long wait!
6. Son- the most beautiful, tangible blessing
7. A place to lay my head
8. A roof over my head
9. Food every day
10. Clean water
11. Coffee
12. Chai
13. Soft drinks
14. Wine/Wine coolers (that sometimes make my nose numb and me a wee bit silly!)
15. Music
16. Classical to study by
17. Country to appreciate life by
18. Christian to praise God with
19. Rock to jam out to
20. Techno to dance to
21. Ipod with headphones to listen to music
22. Sunscreen
23. Hot showers
24. Washing machines
25. Clothes line and sunshine
26. Dryers for those rainy days (or because I can’t have a clothesline…sigh)
27. Intelligence
28. Curiosity
29. Love for learning
30. Appreciation for God’s handiwork: nature
31. Sunsets
32. Cloud formations- especially the really big fluffy ones!
33. Thunderstorms/rain
34. Lightening- God’s fireworks!
35. My cat
36. My dog
37. A family that loves to cuddle
38. My siblings- those who share my blood, and those who are extensions of our family
39. My baby sister
40. My baby sister’s family- who each hold a special piece of my heart
41. Friends (and their families)
42. Acquaintances
43. Lessons learned
44. Friends who last despite falling out, despite distance, despite change, despite time
45. Ice cream
46. Chocolate syrup
47. Modern technology
48. The ability to work from home
49. Dreams coming true
50. Clothes- namely jeans, socks, and sweaters.. LOL
51. Hair bands/ponytail holders
52. Hair straighteners
53. Hair cremes (to control frizz)
54. Humor
55. Tenderness
56. Compassion
57. Charity
58. Making enough to share with those in need
59. Prayer
60. Conversation
61. Opinions
62. Respect
63. The Bible
64. Favorite verses/Life verses
65. Johnny Cash
66. Cushions on otherwise hard chairs
67. Fleece blankets
68. Trees
69. Flowers
70. Indoor plumbing
71. Working vehicles
72. The ability to dream together with the one I promised to spend my life with
73. Family trips
74. Cameras
75. Auto-focus
76. AA batteries
77. A job I love
78. Mountains
79. Return clients
80. New clients
81. Job offers
82. Memorable moments
83. Moments that catch your breath and make your heart beat fast
84. Kitty litter
85. Litter scoop (hehe)
86. Good health
87. Low humidity
88. Kisses from my Kiddo
89. Cuddles from my Kiddo
90. Deep conversations about life, games, faith, and rocks (with the Kiddo, of course)
91. Pizza
92. Sunrise
93. Waking up every morning
94. Chocolate chips cookies
95. Pancakes
96. Shoes
97. Dish soap
98. Hot water
99. Church
100. Internet
101. YOU!  For taking the time to read this …  🙂

God bless you!

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