52 Weeks of Blogging With A Purpose: Goals For Motherhood

12 Aug

I discovered this inspiration from a fellow blogger (Janelle at Wild Blue Yonder). I have plenty of my own stuff to share, but I fear all those things I wish to share are not necessarily what everyone wants to read. So… I thought I would join Janelle in participating in this blog event (inspired by Becky at From Mrs. to Mama).

This week’s topic: Goals for Motherhood

Um… Okay… Where to start. Like most Moms, I imagine my goals are set with the best of intentions. Like many Moms, I have seen myself fall short of my goals. I have realized some goals are impossible to achieve as I am imperfect. I have realized some goals are impractical and need to be changed as my child grows and changes.

My first goal is to be an incredible wife to my child’s father. It is important to me that my son see what true love, devotion, commitment, respect, and trust are. These are things he should see and experience at home before he seeks it out in the world. By striving to be an incredible, note- I did not say perfect, wife to my DH, I hope I will also show my son the qualities he should look for someday when he starts looking at young ladies to date and marry. I hope he is able to see past our imperfections and see the love we have for each other as the years go by.

My second goal is to remember that my son is not a number. Just because he is a certain age does not mean I cannot expect more from him, or allow him to act immaturely sometimes. Just because he is going into a certain grade in school does not mean he is not ready for education well beyond that age-classing, or responsibilities typically reserved for much older children. He has already proven he is wise beyond his years, but with the heart and playfulness sometimes of a toddler. I hope to remember to react to his personality as a whole and not based on how old he is.

My third goal is to give my son the tools he needs to learn how to fly. Of course, every Mom wants to see their children succeed. However, I see more and more Moms throw everything they have at their children to force their success- whether its in school projects, sports, beauty pageants, dances, etc. I think that is all great and good, but I think for my son, the best way to allow him to grow and enjoy success is to give him the tools he needs, teach him how to use them, and step back and watch him go. I want him to work for what he wants. I want him to understand that a free-ride is never free- if he isn’t paying for it, someone else IS. I don’t want him to accept pity, charity, and handouts. I want him to take pride in his work- whatever that work may be. I want him to learn work ethics that build up rather than tear down. I honestly beleive I will get more enjoyment from watching him fly on his own than if I have to carry him the entire way. However, on the flip side, I hope I also give him the ability to handle failure when he fails at something, and the courage to get up and try again.

My fourth goal is to make time with my son a priority. Working from home has proven that I work harder to make less money (at least for now as I am building my own business) in order to be at home with my son. I do not mind, but I tend to find myself caught up in work to the detriment of quality time with the Kiddo. I see this as a problem especially now while school is still out, and I struggle to balance my time so my clients remain satisfied with my time tables, and my son does not feel neglected. For now, I am using my time working from home to teach him, to guide him, and to share my work with him. Doing this has opened doors in his mind to new interests as he explored “imitating Mama.”

My final goal, and the most important, is to lead a Godly example for him to follow. DH and I are both Christians, and we both make every attempt to include the Kiddo in discussions about the Bible, about God, about Jesus, and everything our faith means to us. Our hope is not just that our son also becomes a Christian, but that he realizes the miracle of salvation and grace, and that in the deepest and darkest days of his life, he will be able to feel our Lord’s embrace.

There a myriad other goals I strive for as a Mother. Too many too list, so many I cannot even remember them all. One thing I know- my goals for motherhood will probably vary from other Moms. The order of importance I place on my goals will differ from those another Mom makes.

That is okay. Being a Mom is not a competition. The minute it becomes one- we are doing something very wrong.

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