Strasburg Hometown Days

10 Aug

This weekend, we shared in Strasburg Hometown Days.  We did not hang out for ALL the activities listed on the event schedule, because I planned poorly and forgot sunscreen, chairs, and water.  Figures.    Our silver lining, in our minds, is that next year, we will live close enough to walk to everything offered during this three day event!

Anyway, below are some pictures of the hour and half parade along Strasburg Main.  There were a couple gaps, but we were impressed with the length of the parade, the pride in the town, and the support the residents showed for their local businesses, fire department, and law enforcement as well as the rallying cry of support for the youth of the town in their various sports and clubs.

Yup… I think we are going to like this town!  🙂

 Some of the local law enforcement


One of several fire department vehicles


We were lucky enough to sit right on the corner where the parade turned…


Classic cars…




Dancers representing the local Mexican restaurant. 


Starting to ride as a baby!  That’s the way to do it!  🙂


Gorgeous!!! The horse, I mean!


There were a couple peace, love, and blah blah blah—oh, I mean happiness cars and floats.  (bleh)


Got quite a chuckle out of this one…




A member of the 4-H teaching her goat to wave to her adoring fans! 


Elvis needs new glasses… BUT I am so glad he was able to make it!


I WANT this truck.  No.. Really… 


DH drooled a little over this one!


Our football team!


Apparently, the girl’s softball team is AMAZING!


Of course, the National Guard showed up!  The community really cheered them on!


Finally, Mater’s cousin closed out the parade. 
After the parade, we went and had fun and free hamburgers on the school grounds where we learned a little more about our future home.  We plan on heading out tomorrow as well to enjoy some more small town hospitality!

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