My Home Office Wishlist

8 Aug

So, I know I am REALLY counting my chicks before they are hatched, but I just can’t help it.  Our old house has not sold yet (If you are a praying person, we could use your prayers on this).  Our new home is nowhere near finished yet.  I know full well how much can change in a week’s time let alone a couple month’s time.  Still…

Our new house, while not huge, will have enough space that I will be able to have an actual, no-joke, home office just for me and my work.  I have been studying just a little about what it takes to be able to consider a room a home office for tax purposes.  In the process, I have been looking at what I would need, what I would want, and how I would like to have it set up.

Here are just a few things on my checklist/wishlist:

1.  Blue-tinted white walls.  I cannot stand all white rooms.  All the white is so sterile and stiff, and I find myself tensing up just looking at pictures of rooms done in white on white on white.  I just want a very light, light blue on my walls.  A color that sooths me, inspires me, and encourages me to soar. 


2.  The room that is to be my office has a single window.  Granted, I wish it were overlooking the mountains to the west, instead of my neighbors across the street, but sunlight is sunlight.  I LOVE natural light.  While I do not want my back to the door, I also do not want my back to the window, so I found some pretty cool desk ideas on Pinterest that would offer me usable storage, plus the ability to situate the desk to view both the door and out the window.

3.  The room’s closet has two sliding doors.  I have seen people use chalkboard paint on walls, or desktops, or framed in old frames.  I love all those ideas… BUT…  I love the idea of painting the top half of both sliding doors with the chalkboard paint.  Then on one, I want to sketch out a calendar (I think I saw someone use tape to frame it out), and the other leave blank so I can brainstorm, make to-do lists, add contacts, etc.  Completely functional and really caters to the wanna-be teacher in me!  LOL

4.  On one of the walls, I want white, built-in shelves.  Floor to ceiling, with maybe some drawers, or cabinets along the bottom.  This part gets sketchy for me because I know I will need shelf space, I will need drawer space, and I am not so sure about cabinet space except to hide clutter quickly.  🙂  Regardless, I want the shelving to be white, and then I want to find a really vintage fabric or wallpaper to line the back of them with.

5.  The opposite wall from the shelves, I hope will be MY wall.  Home offices, for tax write off purposes cannot be too “personal.”  There is a fine line, I am sure.  However, because I will be holding teleconferences, and video chats in that room, I really do want to keep most of the room as professional as I can.  So that one wall, I hope to hang the dolphin latch-hook my Grandma made me (which has been in storage since I have been married.)  I also hope to hang just a few tasteful pictures of my two most precious treasure, DH and the Kiddo.

There are quite a few more things I hope to include in my home office.   I hope that once we get all the housing situation sorted out, and DH and I put the office together, I can share pictures with you on how it turned out.  Then again, if it all goes south, maybe I have inspired you to upgrade or redesign you own home office.  ((If I have, I would love to see what you have done to make the office more unique, more relaxing, more professional, and more YOU!))

If you want gain more inspiration for your home office, visit or my Home Interior Board on Pinterest

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One Response to “My Home Office Wishlist”

  1. Anonymous 9 August 2013 at 8:20 AM #

    I really love the idea of backing shelves with wallpaper. Though maybe not all of them, just a few to really make them pop. The more I think about it the more I like it!

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