Knowing My Place

5 Aug

We have been blessed to find a God-driven church in the town we will be calling home.  Every Sunday we have attended, the Pastor has really driven us into the Word, focused heavily on prayer, and has blessed us and convicted us with His message. 

This Sunday was no different.  When the Pastor said, “Jesus knew His place,” I about fell off the pew!

Jesus KNEW His place.

Now, Pastor pointed out that he knew that claiming someone knew their place, or should know their place, is mostly taken as a demeaning statement.  Of course it is!  In our world, telling someone they need to know their place, is considered abrasive and condescending regardless of whether or not it is true.  In our work places, while we might strive to move up the chain, we should KNOW our place.  We should follow a set of rules and etiquette and criteria in order to get the job done well.  In our homes, we each play a role to help the home run smoothly, to build a strong family unit.  In our churches, we do not just step up and try to fill in someone else’s role.  Whether we realize it or not, most of us are aware of our place in whatever situation we are in.  And yet, in our relationship with God, can we say the same?

However, as we covered the passage, which is John 5 v 16-23, we see Jesus tell the Pharisees exactly who he is- the Son of God.  In this Passage, we see that Jesus KNEW HIS PLACE as that of Life-Giver and also of Judge (though He would not take on that role until Judgment Day.) 

Jesus KNEW His place.  He did not lessen it.  He did not add to it.  He did not attempt to step outside His well-defined place in God’s Will.

Which makes me wonder.  Do I know my place?  As Pastor was winding up the sermon he said that we need to take ourselves off our self-built thrones.  Ouch.  This hits hard.  I want the good life, and I work hard to have my good life.  I work hard to make a name for myself.  I work hard to be successful at what I do.  And there I see the pattern that Pastor is warning about: I.  I.  I.  I.

Nowhere in there is God.  Somewhere I forgot Jesus.  Somehow, even in the midst of my Bible Studies, and my prayers, I forgot the Holy Spirit.   Somewhere along the way, I have built myself up to the point that I expect Him to work for ME!  I.  I.  I.  I.

Now.  You tell me what is wrong with that picture.  Why would my God, no matter how loving and merciful and gracious, in all His power and knowledge work to make MY whims and dreams come true?  Doesn’t that seem a little backwards?  Shouldn’t I, in my imperfection, and in my acceptance of His grace and mercy be working to fulfill HIS will?  Shouldn’t MY will become second?  Nowhere in all His promises did He say He would fulfill our dreams and desires.  Nowhere did He say we would sit upon His throne, or share it with Him.  So where did we, where did I, get this notion that I deserve a place there?   Even as a daughter of the King, I am not granted a throne of my own, though I am allowed a place in FRONT of His throne.

I used to sincerely strive to live the following acronym- JOY: Jesus, Others, You.   I used to live to make myself last.  How did that change?  When did that change?  And how to I get back to my place, my role in His Will?

I quote over and over Jeremiah 29, which says that He has a plan for us, and will help us reach that plan.  I realized, somehow, I have twisted that verse into meaning that He will grant me my desires.  Somehow I have convinced myself that my dreams parallel His will.  I have cut out the things that He has given to me that truly define my place, and I have taken on too much that pull me away from my place.

I am praying to figure out what my place is.  I know part of knowing my place is refocusing my life on the Husband He provided me, and my child He blessed me with.  I know part of my place is returning to a life of service.  The rest… Well…  I am not so sure the rest is anything more than me attempting to sit myself on a throne where I do not belong.  I pray that I can APPROACH the throne of God with confidence and humility, and know my place even as I honor His.

If you would like to learn more about the Authority of Jesus- How He KNEW His place, click here.

If you are interested in hearing some of this Pastor’s previous sermons, visit the church’s website and click on “Listen to the Sermon” on the bottom menu bar.

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One Response to “Knowing My Place”

  1. Anonymous 5 August 2013 at 5:58 PM #

    I dont like to leave comments most of the time, but I thoguht I should tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I guess some of what you say is not the most popular but I know I agree with most of it. Thank you for sharing your heart over and over. I will be praying for you; that you find the exact place he has in mind for you. Keep bloggin girl!

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