52 Weeks of Blogging with A Purpose: If I Could Have One Super Power

5 Aug

I discovered this inspiration from a fellow blogger (Janelle at Wild Blue Yonder). I have plenty of my own stuff to share, but I fear all those things I wish to share are not necessarily what everyone wants to read. So… I thought I would join Janelle in participating in this blog event (inspired by Becky at From Mrs. to Mama).

I am attempting to catch up, so I am skipping a couple weeks, and skipping ahead to Week 8.

This week’s topic is: If I could have one super power…

Who doesn’t wish at some point to have a super power?  The ability to lift extremely heavy objects, the ability to see through walls, the ability to have super-sonic hearing: these are just a few of the superpowers we have grown up admiring in the super heroes from comic books and movies.

I know my Kiddo is obsessed with super heroes.  He loves Batman, Superman, any of the Avengers, any of the X-Men.   He and I often talk about who our favorite super hero might be and why.  We have also discussed on occasion what we would choose, if we were allowed to choose a super power of our own.

Honestly, because I take things ENTIRELY TOO SERIOUSLY most of the time, I also took choosing a super power too seriously.  Kiddo chose one, imagined what he might do with it, and moved on.  Meanwhile, I was picking apart every power. 

Being able to read minds- No… Too invasive.  And frankly, if people know I can read their minds, I would not be able to get away with “not knowing” certain things.  LOL

Being able to walk through walls- No…  I am too lazy as it is.  What little exercise I get because I am forced to walk AROUND the walls, instead of through them, is much needed, I can assure you.

Being able to see through walls- Meh…  This would not be a good thing for me.  On one side, I am incredibly nosey as it is.  On the other, I hate spoiled surprises.  The few times I have been able to guess a gift, I was miserable at my own deflated sense of anticipation. 

Super hearing- No WAY!  I do NOT want to over hear other people’s conversations.  Its bad enough I get to “listen in” through places like FB and Twitter as people carry private conversations out in public. 

So then I think of superpowers like those of the mutants in X-Men, those that are not just a super power, but also a little freaky.   I mean, come on, Wolverine is AWESOME, but being able to grow claws on command is a bit spooky.   Or Rogue’s ability to drain life (and ability) from anyone she touches.  Super cool!   And ultra freaky!

I think back on all my favorite super heros growing up and why I liked them so much.  I think of Thor, who is STILL my all time favorite.  He is my favorite because he is a god.  Yet, he is also so humanlike- he struggles with pride, vengeance, responsibility.   Another favorite: Spiderman.  Amazing hero out to help where ever he can, and in real life is a humble, almost a nobody, guy in most people’s estimation.  Then I think on the female heroes, which all just make me roll my eyes. 

((Have you noticed that, yes, most of the male heroes are ultra hot, but there are plenty of them who are not overly built, or typically handsome?  Meanwhile, the female heroes are all voluptuous, sensual, and amazingly attractive- bordering on inappropriate?)) 

Yeah— I told you, I take this stuff entirely too seriously.  🙂

So back to choosing my super power. 

I would choose the ability to talk to animals.  Seriously.  I already try my best to mimic cat meows, dog barks, even ground squirrel chattering.  And since I tend to get along way better with most animals than I do most humans, I would probably be an AWESOME animal whisperer.   Then again, I might not. 

One thing I know for certain, I would be able to understand the evil eye my cat gives me randomly for no apparent reason! 

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2 Responses to “52 Weeks of Blogging with A Purpose: If I Could Have One Super Power”

  1. Christina Borden 7 August 2013 at 7:39 PM #

    Hi Natalie! Thanks for coming by to visit! Taking things too seriously tends to take all the fun out of a lot of stuff–well, so DH and my Kiddo say. I think they tell me at least once a day that I need to lighten up. LOL I just chalk it up to thier inability to get my "dry humor." 🙂

  2. Natalie Rush 6 August 2013 at 8:52 AM #

    Love this!! I take it too seriously too! I pray about my responses and think about them for days! I love your idea of talking to animals! Thank you for commenting on my blog!

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