52 Weeks of Blogging with A Purpose: My Biggest Weakness

4 Aug

I discovered this inspiration from one of my followers (Janelle at Wild Blue Yonder). I have plenty of my own stuff to share, but I fear all those things I wish to share are not necessarily what everyone wants to read. So… I thought I would join Janelle in participating in this blog event (inspired by Becky at From Mrs. to Mama).

This week (and I am behind…) the topic is “My Biggest Weakness.”

I have a lot of weaknesses.

I am a sucker for a good fiction novel, especially if it is science fiction or fantasy; even more so if the novel is one of a series where I can really dive into another world and into the character’s life. Yeah… I am THAT person. LOL

I am a huge fan of Starbucks Frappucino’s:  Caramel Frap with no whip to be exact. I have a VERY hard time walking or driving by a Starbucks and NOT stopping to get one.

I am a complete lunatic when it comes to flowers. I drive DH crazy with my continual pictures of flowers (he calls them weeds) every where we go!

I am also a complete looney when it comes to furry creatures. My voice goes up in pitch, I start speaking “baby,” and I make a beeline to see the creatures closer as I hope to be able to touch and pet them. (People stare as I get all excited over furry things… LOL)

However, my greatest weakness is wrapped up in flesh and bone and walks around in two separate bodies- my Hubby and my Kiddo.

There is nothing I won’t do for my family. Sometimes this a is a great thing, and sometimes this is not a great thing.

You want an example of a great thing? LOL I have always found it easier to protect others, while I rarely ever stand up for myself. Now that I have my beautiful family, beware- I am super protective and outspoken if I feel you are taking advantage of my Hubby or being cruel or rude to my Kiddo. The only example I can think of where I jumped in to defend my family that was truly out of character for me was when one of my DH’s bosses kept him long after work. The man KNEW DH was relying on a ride to get home, and that the ride was not going to wait for my DH. He kept him anyway, which forced me to drive an hour (one direction) to go pick up DH. I was furious!  Not only did he put DH out, but he caused me to wake up my napping Kiddo, take dinner off the stove, load up a the car (Kiddo was a toddler at the time, so you KNOW you are loading everything just for a small trek.. lol), and drive in heavy traffic on a day when I was frustrated with intense Fibro pain. When I got to DH, and he told me the entire story, I did not hesitate. I knew I could still catch the man at his office, so I called him directly, and gave him an honest piece of my mind. Weeks later, I met the man face to face, when he apologized profusely for his neglect of his staff.

Now, on the flip side, because my guys are my biggest weakness, I have a horrible time telling either of them “no.” This is especially true when DH and I go shopping together. No kidding, this has gotten so bad, we made a rule that we are not allowed to go shopping together anymore. You see, this is what happens. The three of us wander the store with list in hand. I am all about getting what is on the list and hauling butt out of there! However, DH is steering the cart. We will be fine until something catches his eye- a new cereal, a cool shirt, a household item, a new tool. The worst part is DH can justify just about anything (which is why he would be an incredible salesman!) By the time he has justified why we need whatever it is, even though I KNOW we don’t, somehow the item has ended up in the cart. Then, I am also bad because I shop for the Kiddo.  When DH starts veering off the list, I do too, and if its for the Kiddo, I find I can justify its purchase as well.  (Not so much if its something I want for me… sigh) By the time we check out, our simple shopping list has been multiplied several times over with other things that we might need, could use, or simply wanted. Because that clearly affects our wallets, we created the rule not to shop together. hehe

Now, with the Kiddo, I am very happy to say I have not had to become a “Mama Bear” very often. He has been incredibly blessed with good friends, great role models, and incredible teachers who all have helped him through any difficult situation so that I have not had to pull out my claws.

Yeah. I have a ton of materialistic weaknesses. I suppose we all do. However, when I look at all those things, and compare them to my guys, there is no doubt that my guys really are my weakness. I am okay with that! 🙂

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