Sequestration- Real? or Cop-out?

1 Aug

I have written before about the effects Sequestration might have on the Military.  Now that we are knee-deep in the tomfoolery of the leadership (or lack there-of) in Washington, more and more Military bloggers are taking notice of the neglect.

This is not just Civilians having hours cut.   This is not just men and women having paychecks cut, finding themselves taking on second jobs, finding it hardER to make ends meet. 

This is not just missions getting cut, troops going without hot meals (as rumor circulates through the ranks from deployed locations), and supplies delayed to essential personel for mission essential work.

No.  Sequestration is worse than everyone feared.  At first, those in the Military ranks thought that the worst case scenario would be that Sequestration would be a threat, not a reality.   There was no preparing of the troops or their families.  There were no lengthy briefings informing civilian staff of what to expect- not until Sequestration was right on the doorstep and leaders then scrambled to help their staff prepare.

Sequestration has rippled through the military.  It is affecting the highest ranks as they have to make the hard decisions of what to cut and what to keep funding.  It is affecting the lowest ranks as their “benefits,” which they committed their lives to earn are now cut back, reduced, and threatened to have removed all together.  It is, of course, affecting the Civilian staff force as they see the shorter hours, the days without work, and still the same job with the same expectations to be met, while their families suffer from a lower income.

But does Obama or his wife care?  Does your Senator and his or her political henchmen care?  Does ANYONE in Washington give a flying flip? I don’t see a single one of them cutting their own paychecks or hours in this Sequestration.  I do not see them struggling to make ends meet.  I do not see them forced to sacrifice ANYTHING in order to live on smaller paychecks.  They are NOT walking in our shoes.  They are not even TRYING.

They still take their vacations.  They still buy their fancy clothes (that Oprah and half of Hollywood rave about), eat at fancy restaurants (while pushing “health standards” down our throats), fly around in expensive jets, drive fancy cars, and are surrounded by security details.  No.  They do not care.  Obama, in all his supposed glory and wisdom, had done NOTHING to force the issue.  No, he is too busy playing nice with the Middle East.   Congress, with its collective mob of incompetitent and over-paid retirees-in-training, is more worried about Lobbyist money and power struggles than it is about the citizens who voted them in.  (Shame on the population then, right?)

I could write all day about how Sequestration is here to stay because no one in Washington cares enough to do anything about it.  However, I think pictures will tell the tale better.   A blog was written yesterday calling on Military personnel and family members to take pictures of the effects of Sequestration where they are.  You can see the blog here:

Below are just a few pics that I was able to just step outside and take right away, which show the effects of sequestration as a real issue and also as a cop-out (which is also becoming apparent as critical services are being neglected and blamed on “budget issues.”)

You take a look.  You decide.  Then, you decide what YOU are going to do about it.

This open pit has been standing open for at least three weeks at a FamCamp on an Active Duty Base.


Sequestration is being blamed for lack of grounds care around an Active Duty Base.  CE has been tasked with cutting the grass in addition to their zillion other duties, which means it does not get done often if at all. 
Tall grass, home to rattlesnakes, blocks paths, walkways, and trails on an Active Duty Base. 
Public shower on Active Duty Base- no water to this one, no repairs for over three weeks. 
Another broken fixture in a public bath on Active Duty Base. 
Apparently, light bulbs cannot be purchased due to sequestration- in a public bath on an Active Duty Base. 
We bought our own lawn mower to cut around our camper, while staying at the FamCamp on an Active Duty Base- again due to Sequestration and lack of a grounds crew. 
The best: Hot water heater cannot be repaired according to CE at an Active Duty Base because of budget constraints.  (At a FamCamp where families rely on the shower during their stay- many of these families are new to the Base and waiting for housing.PLUS, the note is wrong- there has been no hot water since the 22nd of July.)
Then- last, but not least- I have a notice from a Military Base FB page that was just posted this morning:

Heads up! Pending final DoD approval and release of the Air Force FY14 Military Tuition Assistance (MilTA) program, Airmen will not be able to apply for FY14 courses until further notice.

Once approved, Airmen may submit MilTA requests for FY14 using the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC).

The Air Force is NOT stopping or suspending MilTA.

Airmen are cautioned to avoid making financial decisions or commitments without an approved MilTA form. Financial decisions made without an approved MilTA form will be the responsibility of the Airmen.

For courses starting before 1 Oct 13, Airmen may still apply for MilTA through AFVEC under the current FY13 MilTA guidelines.

— DS


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2 Responses to “Sequestration- Real? or Cop-out?”

  1. Christina Borden 4 August 2013 at 10:15 AM #

    Hi! Thank you for your comment. I do think the hardest hit are those who are having their hours (paychecks) cut. Of course! However, while those pics that I have taken just show some small issues I have noticed that are being blamed on sequestration, I know there are many others who are facing issues with their health care benefits- no appointments, etc- school benefits, etc. We as a Military Force ARE being forced to really suck it up, but the more we suck it up and still get the job done, the more the Powers-at-be take away. BTW- I think starting a blog to show tax dollars at waste is a great idea! I bet you would get quite a following! 🙂 Again, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Anonymous 2 August 2013 at 9:00 PM #

    I have not seen the affects of sequestration. But I have seen several friends on Facebook post their own issues with paycuts or something like that. While I can understand those concerns, I do not understand what is so upsetting about a broken shower head or some tall grass. Hell, around here the city parks are much, much worse. Maybe I should start a blog about the injustice of it all.

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