Saying Good-bye to San Angelo

30 Jun
***This article was featured in the July 7, 2013 edition of Standard-Times, a newspaper local to San Angelo, Texas***

When I asked our Kiddo what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said he wanted to go to his favorite places around town one last time.  That was all.  So that is what we did.   We had to break up his list into two days as we were trying to get all our ducks in a row before leaving town, but when it was all said and done, he said he was quite happy with how things worked out.  Below are pics he took, and some I took, as we strolled around our favorite Texas town.

The Visitor Center

Kiddo liked the star planter- something about it resembling the Star of Texas. 

Like all the Painted Sheep you can find around town, this deer has images depicting some of San Angelo’s most popular spots in history painted on its body.

The waterfall. 

One of a myriad of Painted Sheep.
Along the San Angelo Riverwalk

Under one of the bridges, we discovered this beautiful tree.  There are actually two under the same bridge- the other has an owl high in its branches.   A really beautiful hidden gem.
New Memorial Murals

Two of the three incredible murals depicting the close relationship San Angelo has always had with the Armed Forces.  One thing not depicted in the murals, but that we experienced on an almost daily basis is the devotion, respect, and honor this community has to the Base, to the Military Members, and to the Military families that come through.
Pearl of the Conchos

The Concho River is home to some special freshwater mussels that produce some of the world’s most rare freshwater pearls.  This beautiful mermaid holds in her hand a “Concho Pearl” in welcome to visitors to San Angelo.
The 9/11 Memorial

A piece of Ground Zero rests at this Memorial of 9/11.  San Angelo honors some of its own who were killed in that attack as well as all Americans who lost their lives that day.  The Kiddo was incredibly moved by the Memorial, requesting to come back to take pictures for himself as he asked the question (that no one can answer): how humanity could ever do something like this to itself.
San Angelo Art Museum

Looking at this artwork a million times as I drove up and down Oakes to take the Kiddo to school, or to pick him up, I only saw beautiful, blue squigglies.  However…

…when we went around to another side of it, we realized the squigglies were so much more.  A really unexpected reminder that very little is what it seems.  We must look at things from all angles, from another person’s shoes, to get a more complete picture.
San Angelo Squirrel

While we were walking along the Riverwalk, we witnessed several squirrels playing hide-n-seek in some of the taller grass and weeds.  As we stood watching those play, we also noted several “stealth” squirrels, like this one, lying flat on the ground, on a branch, or lying flat in a crook in a tree.  Of course, Kiddo had to take a pic of “ninja squirrel.” 
These are just a few of the things the Kiddo wanted to do while we were still in San Angelo.  Among the other places he insisted we visit were Eggemeyers where we sat at the back counter and enjoyed huge, freezer-cooled glasses of root beer, Concho’s Downtown where we enjoyed lunch as we have done so many times before, The Cactus Hotel, and Fuentes- the day before for lunch- that was the Kiddo’s all-time favorite Mexican place.
((Even for all that we were able to do, we were not able to revisit Fort Concho, the Train Depot, the International Lily Collection, Stango’s, San Angelo State Park, and the Art Museum itself.))
If ever you have the opportunity to travel off the Interstates to the north and south of San Angelo, you will not be disappointed.  The people will charm you.  The city will astound you.  There really is much more to San Angelo than many give it credit for.   We will miss San Angelo and her incredible people much more than any other place the Military has ever sent us. 
So with fond memories and a sad farewell,
we say: “Good-bye, San Angelo, God Bless!”

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