Blog Share: Pride, Pain, and the Price of Gas

30 Jun

Click on image to visit Air1 Online

Sometimes, no matter how strongly you feel something, you just cannot get the words right, but someone else can…
This is one of those times, and as I was struggling to find the words to share, I was checking out Air1’s website, and found this superb blog by Brant Hansen one of my favorite DJ’s for the station.
If you have ever listened to Brant on Air1, you KNOW how real he is.  Sometimes, he makes me laugh out loud.  Other times, he says something I swear would get him fired for its in-your-face honesty, but one thing is certain— the man speaks and shares what he thinks He wants Brant to share.
He has many really thought-provoking posts that have read since starting to listen to Air1, but this one was a new one to me, and really hit me where it hurts.  Fact of the matter is I cannot undo the damage I have done, I cannot fix myself, and I cannot expect others to either.
Please click the link: Pride, Pain, and the Price of Gas by Brant Hansen.  
God bless!

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