Sunken Garden Park

12 Jun

While running errands this morning, I drove by the Sunken Garden Park and saw that the flowers were the best I have ever seen them. 

I have lived here over four years and have not had the opportunity to get good shots of this garden because I never seemed to have the time at the “right time.”  


Previously, the flowers were not yet in bloom, the summer heat had already wilted most of them, or I drove by while running errands and did not have the time to really check them out.  Today, I had some time.  So the Kiddo (armed with his new camera) and I stopped in, walked around, and got a few shots.  I would have liked to get more, but we had our Yellow Border Collie with us.  Holding his leash with one hand while trying to take pics one-handed is not conducive to decent flower shots.  hehe

However, I just had to share these shots of the flowers there, and of my budding photographer. 





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