Working Women Wednesdays: Click Life Photography

1 May

After writing “Supporting the Work-at-home Spouse,” I considered ways in which I might better serve my work-from-home friends.  Since all of us who work from home really rely on the Internet and Social networking to help get the word out about what we do, I thought a showcase once a week of some of these working women might help them reach a wider clientele, and make you aware of why their product or service is unique.

This week, I interviewed Mandi Hagenbuch.  Besides being one of my dearest friends, she is a multi-tasking maven!  Mandi is a Military Spouse.  She is also a Veteran, a displaced New Englander, who has found her niche in the Military Community.  Her DH is an Instructor at our Base.  They have four children: one teen, one tween, one toddler, and one baby.  Mandi makes the best “crackacino’s”- my nickname for her homemade version of the Starbuck’s Frapp.  Currently, she is a nanny to three siblings while also taking care of her two littlest during the day.  While Mandi loves being a nanny, her heart and her passion really rest in her photography business- Click Life Photography.

Below is our interview:

What inspired you to start Click Life Photography (CLP)?
Inspired? … Life.  All the little things in life that people miss, or just the opposite, don’t WANT to miss.

How did you get started?
It started quite suddenly, actually.  My husband bought me a “big girl camera” for Christmas one year, and I decided then and there I was going to become a photographer.

What makes your photography business unique?
Photography is art- the art of the Photographer.  But CLP is all about my clients and their lives.  Every shoot is unique- from simple, every day to elaborate, prop-planned sessions.  [My insert as a client- Mandi shoots as much as she can in natural light, which in my opinion, truly makes her viewpoint original, real to life, and raw… all the things I want in my family pictures.]

What do you love most about your business?
This might sound cliche, but I love capturing memories.

What is most challenging about your business?
Social media.  Now a days, photographers have to Facebook, Tweet, Blog, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.  UGH! 

What was an expectation you might have had, that you have had to re-evaluate once you got started?
I am a real person with real feelings and a real desire to deliver not just images, but a wonderful experience from start to finish, from first contact to the thank you cards.

What is one tip you might offer to other photographers starting out?
Do not compare yourself to other photographers.  Many things I tried to achieve in camera, I could not.  Some images I loved turned out to be complete composites, not  safely achievable in camera, only in Photoshop.

What do you think is your most valuable tool in marketing your business?
Word of mouth- Definitely!

How does your business affect your family?  In either good or bad ways?
[paraphrased]  Time management is crucial to making this work so I don’t lose time with my family.  Managing the balance of working from home, being a photographer, while still being a wife and mother means I have to multi-task, plan, and schedule.  I try to make sure God and family come first; I plan date nights with my husband and family nights for all of us.  I work on photography editing while the kids are taking naps.  I have learned it is okay to ask for help, whether it be from my husband, my children, my friends, or others.

If you had it to do over again, what might you change about the path of your journey so far?
I would have solidified more time to shoot for myself, honing my craft, and learning the light.

Share a funny story.
[paraphrased]  Not so much funny, per se.  Every shoot is a lot of fun.  I witness a lot of tenderness and laughter.  You never know what is going to happen.

Of course, I enjoy every second I get to spend with my friend, but as I have seen her start this photography business, I have seen her heart open and grow.  Having found a job that she can do from home that she loves and is quite talented at, has lightened her life, and in extension all of us who have had the opportunity to have her do our pictures.

If you are in the San Angelo area, and are looking for an amazing photographer, check out Click Life Photography.

Currently, she is offering Father’s Day Mini Sessions and Prom Mini Sessions in addition to her regular sessions.


If you are a Work-At-Home Woman who runs your own business and would like to be featured on a “Working Women Wednesday,” please submit a short email about yourself and your business to  ((Sorry, no Direct Sales Businesses at this time.))

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