Tribute to My Air Force Brat

4 Apr

Okay… He really is not a “brat.”  In fact, he is quite the opposite.

This little boy has changed my life in ways I never dreamed.  I know every Mom knows what I am talking about, whether she has one child or multiple children- a child changes a woman’s outlook on life.  Then as the child grows, they change a woman’s life- completely and utterly.

Almost nine years ago, this little guy could not wait to make his appearance.  So he decided to make his debut into this world almost five weeks early.  The pregnancy is not one I would have called “difficult” despite the fact I was still Active Duty at the time; the stress of working ten hour days clearly took its toll on me, and I think my little guy knew my body could take no more.

Not long after he was born, his Active Duty Daddy had to PCS on an unaccompanied tour to South Korea for year.  While Daddy was gone, my outlook on life changed completely.  I remember picking up my little miracle from a dear friend’s home after work one evening.  It was late.  The Kiddo was attached to my friend and didn’t want to leave.  Then when we got home, I got a measly hour with him before he conked out for the night. 

As I held him, marveling over his perfect face, tiny fingers, and tiny toes, I realized I had no business letting anyone else care for God’s gift to ME.  The decision to leave Active Duty was only hard when it came to discussing it with my Hubby who was thousands of miles away, hoping he would understand my desperation to truly care for our child.  Thank God, DH loved me and trusted me enough to take a leap of faith, even though it meant we were going to struggle financially.

From that moment on, I became full-time Mommy. 

I watched this angel from Heaven grow and learn. 

His smile could buoy my heart, and his tears could tear my world apart.

I have watched this little boy work through situations that other children would have just given up on.

I have had discussions with this little boy that I have not even had with other adults.

I have been blown away by his observations of people and the world.

I am humbled by his sweet nature and his faith in things unseen.

I am awed by his imagination and his wonder.

His boundless energy and enthusiasm astound and exhaust me.

His never ending desire to learn something new keeps me on my toes and inspires me to keep learning.

I know that military life is not easy for children.  Up till recently, our kiddo has not had any issues with moving, with TDY’s, or with deployments.  This time though, with a PCS coming up, he has had more questions.  He has voiced his concerns and his fears, and I realized for the first time that my own excitement to move on did not take into account my tender hearted boy.

I have no doubts that this little boy will tuck away his fears and put on the smile he wears so easily.   I know he will put on his tough skin, push away the urge to cry, and play a part he thinks we want him to play.

Whether that is right or wrong, I think this varies for every child and every family. 

But I honor him today for all his incredible talents. 

I honor him for choosing to be happy in a life he has no control over.  

I honor him for choosing to love and learn, to have a positive outlook despite the lingering questions and fears. 

I honor him for doing what military kids do- they just do it.

To my precious blessing- I love you!

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