The Christian’s Creed

19 Mar

The Christian’s Creed

(modern adaptation of the Apostle’s Creed)
By Christina Borden
I believe in one God, the Father Almighty,
who is big enough, wise enough, detailed enough, powerful enough to single-handedly be the Creator of all creation, the earth, the stars, and the universe.

I believe in the one and only Jesus Christ, who is the one God’s only Son, our Lord,
who left His Father’s side, came to our level, and who was conceived by the Holy Spirit.
He was born a common man of the Virgin Mary.
He suffered hatred, disdain, and disbelief under the hands of his own people and under Pontius Pilate.
He was brutally tortured, and hung on a criminal’s cross. He died and was buried.
He descended to the depths of Hell where He paid for the sins of all mankind.
On the third day, He rose again in Victory over the price of sin- death.
He ascended into Heaven, where He is seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty.
On a day unknown to man, He will return to judge, as only He can, both those still alive and those who have perished.

I believe in the Holy Spirit who acts to empower me to accomplish His will and intercedes for me when my soul cries out to God.
I believe in the Holy Bible as the infallible and Living Word of God in its entirety.
I believe in the Christian Church, as a body of believers in Christ that calls on and accepts Him alone as its Savior.

I believe in the fellowship of Christians for encouragement, admonishment, accountability, and discipleship so that we may glorify Him in all we say and do.
I believe in the continual forgiveness of sins; He forgave me, so I will strive to forgive others.
I believe in the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of the body knowing as a Christian I may spend eternal life, so unlike this mortal life, with Him in Heaven.
I believe Christians are lead by example to love one another and to draw others to the Truth of the Christian faith.

I believe Christians who truly believe will be condemned, seen as outcasts, and ridiculed for adhering to an unwatered-down belief system in a world that seeks to inundate it with half-truths, political correctness, ignorance, and empty promises.
I believe no promises, no wealth, and no good fortune during this short life will equal the promises of eternal life with the Triune God.
I believe no matter how distorted the world tries to make Christianity appear, the true basis, the true foundations, and the true faith of the few will be enough to keep Christianity strong.

Corresponding Bible verses:
1 Cor. 12:14
1 Cor. 15:17
1 Peter 2:9
1 Peter 3:21-25
1 Thessalonians 5:21
2 Cor. 5:21
Acts 2:24
Col. 2:12
Deuteronomy 18:21-22
Gal. 2:20
Gal. 5:22-23
Heb. 4:15-16
Heb. 9:27
Hosea 4:6
Isa. 52:13-53:12
Isa. 7:14
Isaiah 1:18
John 1:14
John 16:8-14
John 17:16
John 5:16-27; 17:1-26
Jude 3
Luke 15:13
Matthew 6:9
Phil. 3:20
Ps. 8:1-3
Rom 4:22
Rom. 1:20
Rom. 1:4


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