Buffalo Meatball Subs

25 Feb

In my quest to empty our freezer of all things processed, I found a bag of meatballs that needed to be used.  I didn’t want spaghetti, so I started scanning my fridge to see what else I had.  In the end, I came up with the following.

What you need:
1/2 bag pre-made Italian meatballs
2 bottles Frank’s buffalo sauce
1 stick butter
1 can tomato sauce
6 sub rolls
Ranch dressing

In crock-pot layer meatballs in one layer.  If you have too many, return them to the bag and refreeze.
Turn to low heat.

In bowl, mix melted butter, Frank’s buffalo sauce, and can of tomato sauce.  Pour over meatballs.

Be sure to make sure each meatball is coated in the sauce.

Leave crock-pot on low heat for two to three hours, until ready to serve.

Before serving, wash and cut celery into sticks.

Cut the sub rolls in a v-shape cut-out (prevents meatballs from rolling out while you are trying to eat!)

Stir meatballs in the crock pot before placing five or six on each roll.  Smother generously with sauce.

Serve with celery and ranch.  (Or Bleu Cheese dressing instead, if you prefer.)

Was a fun and unexpected change up to our typical dinners.  Hope you all enjoy it!

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