An Entrepreneur In the House

25 Feb

Disclaimer: While I support my Kiddo in this little venture of his, I am fiercely protective of both him and his childhood.  His school time, playtime, and family time come first!  Period.  This may mean orders are delayed, but I will not let him sacrifice his childhood. 

Since last summer, my Kiddo has been complaining about the laptop he was given; a laptop as old as he is that his father no longer uses.  We gave it to him so he could play educational games, watch movies while he was sick, and just to get familiar with computer systems (as he already uses computers at school).  The laptop, again, is as old as the kiddo.  While nothing is wrong with the computer itself except for its ancient operating system, the battery has long been shot.  The battery is so fried, that even keeping the computer plugged directly into the wall will only guarantee fifteen uninterrupted minutes of use. 

We did not realize how bad the problem was until just after Christmas when we agreed to set up super strict parental controls on the laptop so that the Kiddo could start playing the very popular Minecraft (think Legos online).  Just setting up the Internet options and parental controls had me (the one setting it all up) swearing under my breath.  There were moments I was tempted to just chuck the thing in the trash.  Still, I worked my way through it, trying to show my Kiddo how to be patient with old technology.

Still, the computer has kept him more frazzled than entertained or helped.  So he asked if we would sell that old one and buy him a new one.  The resounding answer was “no.”  We cannot afford to, even if we wanted to.  Still, the Kiddo (getting two good stubborn traits from both DH and myself) kept bugging me about it.  Finally, wanting him to just let it go, I told him that if he wanted a new computer he would have to raise his own money for it.  (Lesson learned- THINK about what you say to your stubborn child— He WILL take you serious!!!)

Seriously.  I thought he would just lose interest.  What 8 year old wants to raise at least $300 for a decent laptop?  None.  Right?

Not him.   Little stinker decided he would start thinking of ways he could make his own money.  Some of his ideas were great, but he is too young for (yard work- mowing, weed eating, etc).  Some of his other ideas were right out of a typical 8 year old’s mind (build a robot to help Mom’s with their chores….  LOVE it!)  Finally, he hit on one that I could encourage him on and help him with- make homemade doggie treats and sell them.

Yes, DH and I both helped steer his idea in ways we hope will help him be most successful in reaching his goals.  However, the idea is his.  The concept is his. 

Yes, DH and I help him fill his orders.  I am his full-time Marketing Mommy.  I advertise for him.  I collect his orders.  I have set up a FB page for his little business.  I make sure he doesn’t miss orders.   In other areas, DH and I help fill in the gaps.  We do any and all cutting that needs to be done.  We put the treats in the oven and take them out for him.  We get him to the client’s homes so he can deliver their orders.

Everything else, he does himself.  He chose the ingredients he uses.  He mixes the ingredients.  He rolls out the dough (sometimes with help) and he cuts the treats out.  Once the treats have cooled, he counts them out and packages them for delivery.

This little venture has taught me alot about my Kiddo.  He is stubborn, but in a good way.  He is motivated.  He is diligent.  And he is EIGHT.  He still wants to play.  He still get distracted.  He still wants to weasel his way out of things.  But where this little business is concerned, he may as well be 21 years old.

Now, after I was teaching him about tithing, because his early success is nothing short of a miracle, he is considering making treats to take to the local animal shelter and donating a portion of his money to Boy Scouts of America.  He is thoughtful in making decisions, so he has not chosen one or the other, or both, yet.

I am very proud of my Kiddo.  I am also trying to be very understanding of him, while still making him meet his responsibilities, accomplish his chores, maintain his schoolwork, and still be a fun-loving Kiddo.  I want him to succeed, but not at the cost of his childhood.

Frankly, if he learns only one lesson from this, I hope that he learns that we MUST work for our dreams to come true.  Handouts are never free.  One cannot expect respect when all they do is beg and whine.  I think he is on the right track.  🙂


If you are interested in learning more about the Kiddo’s business venture, please visit:

If you wish to place an order, please follow the directions there.  Also, as stated above, please keep in mind, I am protecting his childhood first, so there may be a delay on your order depending on the activities our family has planned.  However, you WILL receive your order, and your doggie will love them!  🙂

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