Love Is In the Air

1 Feb

February is probably best known to girls and women of all ages as the month of love because of Valentine’s Day.

Now, while I love giving my loved ones little reminders that I love them, I frown on the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.  Do flowers and chocolates as gifts make me feel special?  Of course, they do!  However, I don’t want anyone to only show me that they love me on one day of the year!  I want to feel loved every day of the year, and I want to share my love every day of the year.

However, February means more to me than Valentine’s Day’s plea to celebrate the love we share with one another.  February is also the month of my wedding anniversary to my incredible husband.

This year will be nine years married. 

How the years have flown!  Here he and I stand on the edge of ten years together.  We have had such highs and such lows.  Our marriage has been tested, and has been reinforced.  We have changed apart from each other, and we have changed together.  We have lived apart because of the military.  We have moved countless times.  We have dealt with loss, and we have dealt with gain.  We have dreams ripped out of our hands, only to be replaced by new ones.  We have struggled with each other, and we have struggled against each other.

Yet, I love that man more today than I did when I agreed to marry him.  I love him more as I have seen him walk in this life we have been given, and as I have seen him grow closer to God. 

For that reason, I wanted to do something unique (for us) that would remind him of why I chose to marry him, of why he is still the one that gives me butterflies, and of why I look forward to our future together.

I got a package of heart-shaped paper doilies from Wal-mart.  On the back of them, one for each day of the month, up to our Anniversary date, I have written thoughts that I want to share with him.  I have included lyrics from songs, my favorite things about him, why I am proud of him, why I love him, what attracts me to him, and some Bible verses.

Every day until our Anniversary at the end of the month, I plan on hiding one of these little paper love notes for him to find. 

This might be a good idea for you and the one you love?  A daily reminder up to Valentine’s Day, that not only reminds them every day for fourteen days of your love, but gets you in the habit of focusing on those incredible features that drew you to them in the first place!

Share your thoughts!

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