Blast from the Past

14 Jan

Every Monday over on my other blog, I write a blog called “Musical Monday.”  This is my opportunity to share Positive (usually Christian) music with Military Women in hopes that it will encourage them throughout the week.

This week, I chose a song dedicated to the women who are walking through struggles, both ones I can relate to, and those that I cannot begin to imagine.  As I was searching for just the right song, I found a couple old songs from a period in my life that I was struggling through.  At the time, there was a Christian Music Video station called “Z.”  I first saw and heard both of these songs on that station.  ((Still wondering why that station was taken off…sigh))

This period of time was when I left the Christian college I was attending, because I ran out of money to pay for school.  I was living alone in a city near my parents, and I was working as a Credit Union Teller.  I had just decided to join the Air Force, and was leaving in just a few short weeks.  To me, my life was a mess.  Spiritually, I was in turmoil.  I didn’t want to join the Military.  I wanted to go to Bolivia or to Sudan and work as a Missionary.  There was no mission field in the Military!!!

These are the two videos that reflected my own feelings and encouraged me to take that step of Faith.

I hope you enjoy them, and maybe take away some encouragement from them!  God bless you on this Monday!!!

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