Money Saving Mondays

7 Jan

One of my so-called New Year’s resolutions is to find a way to make money from home.  Unfortunately, since any kind of work is so hard to come by, and honest work-from-home jobs are even fewer to come by, this Gal needed to find ways to cut the household budget that don’t make the Kiddo or the DH cry.

The first major way we did this was to cut out after-school care.  Okay.  I know.  Easy cut, right?  After all, I am not working, so there is no reason to leave him there, right?  Right.  However, here, that simple deduction is saving us over $190 a month!

We have a way to go still.

There are numerous ways in which we plan to help reduce our monthly outflow of money.  I hope to share the successful choices we made with you.  Who knows?  Maybe they will be something you and your family can do as well?

And so I leave you with this other major cut that we have done since I stopped working outside the home.

We cut the cable.


I called my local cable company.  We were getting the DVR package, with phone, and with Internet.  A bundled deal they say.  Right- for around $200.00 a month give or take.

I told the company to cut us back to just the Internet (which I need as long as I am attending an online University.)  Now granted, I ended up with Basic Cable AND the Internet— according to the companies bundling, I would have paid $5.00 MORE just for the Internet. 

So, our cable bill has been cut to $50.00 a month (plus taxes, of course.)

This week, because Texas allows you to purchase your electricity from coops, I am going to research Wind Powered Energy Providers and see if I can find one cheaper than the one I am currently using.  

Come back next week, and I will fill you in!

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