A White Christmas ~ A Week Late!

7 Jan

When we moved here, we were told that it never snows here.  Yet every winter since we have been here, we have at least gotten a dusting.  For this Florida raised girl, that is still snow! 

This year, some of our family in other areas of Texas actually got snow ON Christmas, and were kind enough to share pics and brag about it via text messages.  ((But for some reason were not willing to bring us some!  Hmmm….))

Oh well… No matter.  We got snow too.  Not in time for us to have a White Christmas as well, but still, the snow came while school was still out, and while hubby had a day off. 

We promptly hopped in my car, drove down to the lake, and tried to take pics.  Only to realize my camera was missing its SD card, and my cell phone was dead.

Talk about an UNHAPPY picture taker!!!

Still, DH was kind enough to pull out his cell phone and snap a few pics just to make me feel better.

Unblemished snow…LOL… Until WE found it!

Me: walking to catch up.  I forgot my sunglasses.  Don’t ask. 

Too bad the snow barely lasted into the next day.  I wish I had the opportunity to drive around town and get more pics.  San Angelo is a truly beautiful town on any day, but on a snowy day, its just a magical place to be!

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