Concho Valley Christmas

6 Jan

Every year, San Angelo decorates the drive along the Concho River downtown. 

The drive is open for about a month. 
A small payment is required- this year it was $5.00 per vehicle. 

We were given a survey asking about our experience (plus a chance to win a shopping spree) and some small candy canes to enjoy while we took the drive. 

You can also set your radio to listen to Christmas music along the drive- signs are posted at the entrance telling you which station to tune to. 

There are two spots along the way where you can pull into and park if you would rather walk- the Kid’s Kingdom parking lot, or the YMCA parking lot, though both are already more than halfway through the drive. 

My suggestion would be to park in Central High School’s parking lot and walk from there… but dress warm!  Even on warmer winter nights, the Central West Texas winds can be brutal!

The very beginning of the drive!

The Nativity

The Visitor’s Center across the river

The last of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”— I didn’t include ALL
of them so you can experience this for yourself!  😉 

The Toy Factory— Your kids will LOVE this one!!!

Patriotism runs deep in the Concho Valley. 
Extremely Military friendly community!!!

Santa waving “Good-bye!”

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